10_negative_traits_bullied_children_take_into adulthood

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Childhood bullying will always have some effect on how a person turns out as an adult. Although some of these effects may be viewed in a negative manner; more often than not, early difficult experiences can help to shape a more rounded, resilient person.

Thinking about my own experiences, and that of friends and family, there are certain broad themes that you begin to see now that childhood is a distant memory. Every person is different, and this is by no means definitive in all situations, but here are my reflections on the good (and negative) consequences of struggles as a child.

10 Traits Bullied Children Take Into Adulthood

1. You will probably be tough on the outside, and others may not find it easy to break through.

2. But you are actually very soft and it is easy for you to become emotional. You just don’t always show these emotions.

3. It is scary to be in a vulnerable position, as you have realised early just how bad people can be.

4. You cannot bear seeing people made fun of, especially children.

5. You think that bullying has made you stronger but you know it has also made you very cautious about people.

6. You take the ideas of intentionally hurting someone else’s feelings very seriously.

7. It is easy for you to become protective about personal issues.

8. You use humour to deflect the issues that could still hurt you.

9. You are likely to have high emotional intelligence, as you have become really good at reading people’s intentions.

10. You will almost always refuse to “take crap” no matter what the outcome.