assertive child saying no to bullying

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Tough, assertive responses are essential in order for a child to defy bullying. The bully often moves on if the child shows that they are too strong to be goaded.

You can teach your kids these four simple tips for communicating assertively, which will help them to stand up to any unwelcome behaviour.

Demonstrate Strength

Show children how to display their inner strength by talking with a convincing voice. They should also stand a suitable distance from the bully. You can support your child to look a bully straight in the eye, This is a good way to express strength to a bully.

Speak to an Adult

The best way for a child to not feel powerless is to tell a supportive adult about what is happening and to ask for their help. The bully loses a lot of power if they are unable to isolate their victim.

Children need to make adults aware of any unseen bullying. When they do tell an adult about what is happening and get their support, they can then regain some control of the situation.

If your child has tried to manage the bullying on their own, but not been unsuccessful, assure them that speaking to an adult is the best thing that they can do.

Be Assertive

When children practice assertive phrases, they become better-equipped to handle conflict and bullying. Parents can teach and rehearse short, assertive phrases with their children. Bullies will then know that a child will not be bullied, or become involved in their bullying.

  • “Knock it off.”
  • “That was not funny.”
  • “Friends don’t do that to friends.”

Children also need to know that these will lose their effect if said whilst teary or with a whining voice.

Act Immediately

A big mistake is to hope that the problem will go away. It can often become more serious if the bully realises that their victim will not stand up for themselves. Taking action a soon as possible is the best way to gain power from the bully.

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