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Spring brings optimism and a chance to look forward to what, within the never-ending cycle of nature, is a time of rebirth. As the long, dark days recede into our memory, many of us find ourselves with new energy and focus. Just like in the animal kingdom, ‘hibernation’ is over and there is now a much greater eagerness to seize new opportunities.

The cosiness of Winter with its familiar, safe routine gives way to a more dynamic time of the year with a myriad of possibilities. The chance to come out of your comfort zone, and take your life by the scruff of the neck arises. However, some people can find this a scary prospect. Additionally, their steady routine can provide them with a psychological safety net. Despite their desires, these are the people who may find it difficult to make the leap into the light of new growth and rebirth.


A life coach supports you to make this challenging transition. New growth, new ideas and new optimism are facilitated. Life coaching, like the spring air, can lift your mood. At the same time, greater confidence and general wellbeing will be delivered, and lead to somewhat of a rebirth. Making the changes required that will become a part of your ‘new normal’ becomes part of our work together. Like a budding flower, or a newborn calf or lamb, you will start to bloom and grow. All the factors which have been blocking your path to greater contentment will be eliminated. Furthermore, we will then plot a brighter future for yourself as your sense of the possibilities open to you magnifies.

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