Resilient male on swing bars

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I’ve been recently delivering resilience workshops within the Education sector, which is an area that I am looking to grow. With that in mind, I thought that I would share a few thoughts about what we can all do to improve our resilience to the challenges that life throws our way. The following traits are all vital to developing the toughness required for a resilient spirit.


40% of our day is spent performing automatic, routine tasks, and this reliability makes us feel safe. Good habits are healthy, productive and protective. They aid resilience by providing consistency and security so that we can focus our energy on other things.


Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between feeling hopeful and feeling self-worth, as well as the belief in our own capabilities. Hope also increases academic performance, physical health and emotional intelligence.


Eating the right nutrients and staying physically active help support a strong body, a strong immune system to help fight disease, and a strong digestive system, among many other things. A healthy lifestyle helps us to withstand the stress that comes with challenges.


Acting in a way that puts you at odds with your values can be a far greater punishment than anything else in your life. Living with integrity, and a sound moral compass, can give someone a lot of power – and is the foundation of resilience. Integrity supports people in times of trouble, helping them to endure suffering and ultimately rebound.


It takes effort and energy to overcome getting pushed down many times and is one of the hardest things to do in life. It’s rare, if not impossible, to build strength and success without hard work. Resilience relies on perseverance to move people forward.


Acceptance makes moments of happiness turn into a lifetime of contentment. It’s the difference between feeling happy and actually being happy. We have to choose to accept ourselves enough to find peace – we are then able to see opportunities and doors start to open that we would otherwise have missed because we’re too busy fighting ourselves.


Purpose gives our lives value. It provides a clear and targeted direction, and it focusses our attention forward instead of backward or inward. Even when plans get sidetracked, purpose helps us to refocus and continue – the heart of resilience.

Problem Solving

Resilient people are able to figure out creative solutions to a problem that will lead to a positive outcome. They are able to control their response in stressful situations or when a crisis occurs. Where some people would panic or clam up, resilient people stay calm. They will quickly understand what’s happening and come up with solutions.

Social Connectivity

Social support is critical to resilience, because having supportive people around us is protective during a crisis. Simply having people to listen to our situation and provide supportive words is an important part of being able to bounce back from adversity.

As a coach, I could help you to grow these characteristics so that you can more effectively deal with difficulties in your life. If you feel like you need assistance to cultivate a more robust temperament, please feel free to contact me.