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Through working with clients, it becomes clear that anxiety plays a pivotal part in many situations where someone is struggling to take the next big step either in their personal or professional life. How do you get to the point of breaking the chain?

What causes these restricting feelings? We can choose to do whatever we set our minds upon. But for many this never happens. ‘Always follow your passion’ is a popular cliche. But many take the much safer options in life. Well, we have to go back to the source of the problem – the mind.

From the day we are born, conditioning sets in. The six-year-old girl told that she’s not clever enough to be the scientist that she dreams of becoming. The 12-year-old boy excluded from his friendship group for no clear reason. Or the young adult told that their creative passion for art or music will never be good enough. Twenty years later, the seed remains buried deep. The cycle of limiting thought about who you are and are not continues to weave its spell over your psyche.

How Can Coaching Help? (Breaking the Chain)

So, what about coaching? Well, I will work with you to explore your limiting beliefs, and use techniques to start you thinking about yourself in a new and positive way.

Also, what of the values that you are carrying around with you? Are these your innate values or were you saddled with them by other people years ago? You are making all the money in the world but you are deeply unhappy. On the surface, this doesn’t make sense to some people. But, what if your values are not related to material comfort? What if your values are akin to freedom and creativity? Are you unhappy trying to achieve things in your life based on someone else’s values?

So, what about coaching? Well, I will work with you to understand your core values, and employ techniques which allow you to explore whether you are living your life in a way that rings true for you.

If you need help with breaking down the barriers to living a fulfilled life and need coaching to success then please contact me.