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Many businesses benefit from the help of both a business coach and a business consultant. You are likely going to need both at some point in your journey but knowing the difference could be vital to saving you time and money.

So, what is the difference between these two valuable resources?

A business coach helps business owners find the best solutions for themselves over time. They will make you better at business in the long-term and enhance your personal development.

The focus is on elevating both yourself and your organisation. In many cases, the business coach supports you to see the bigger picture, and to identify areas that are not working well. Ultimately, a business coach will work with you to strategise and create plans for your business. You will be working ‘on’ the business much more than ‘in’ the business.

As a business coach myself, I find that recurring issues for business owners include time management, motivation, financial planning, action planning and accountability.

Accountability is a big difference between coaching and consulting. A coach holds a client totally accountable for any actions to be taken. On the other hand, a consultant may produce a report which explains what needs to be done but will not hold you accountable for actually following through.

A consultant should tell you how to make your business run better in response to specific short-term challenges. They may focus on a specific area; e.g. customer service or marketing. They will also provide solutions and, in some cases, implement them.

Once you understand the differences between business coaches and consultants, you may still need to determine which is the best option for your business. In making this decision, it is important that you consider your needs as well as your values. You should also weigh up how motivated you are to focus on the long-term as opposed to the day-to-day realities of your business.

I like the following analogy:

“Say you’re learning how to ride a bicycle. A consultant would ride the bicycle for a while and write you a “how to” manual. A coach, on the other hand would have you get on the bicycle and walk alongside you, guiding you through the process until you felt confident enough to ride on your own. (Forbes, 2018).”

And, in summary:


  • works on a one-to-one basis
  • offers an ongoing sounding board for your needs and goals
  • works on developing your existing skills
  • helps you to understand your true passions
  • makes you accountable for your actions
  • assists you to understand your purpose
  • motivates you to be better in your business
  • helps you to change a negative mindset
  • supports and encourages you in a non-judgemental manner
  • brainstorms ideas and options with you
  • provides you with focus and clarity


  • helps you to solve particular business challenges
  • opens up possibilities for your business
  • educates you in skills that you don’t know
  • identifies problems and make proposals
  • analyses data and feeds back on what they believe will make your business thrive
  • (can) help you reconfigure your business
  • (can) review contracts and assist with negotiations on your behalf

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