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The business world is very challenging, demanding and, sometimes, highly frustrating. A skilled business coach provides you with insight to set your ambitions and plot your path to success.

This piece from Lumen Business Coaching illustrates some of the clear reasons why people hire the services of a coach, and the abridged version is also provided below:

Sounding Board

A person who could benefit from someone to act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off and assist you to overcome your fears and anxieties. Additionally, someone who can hold you accountable for following through with your plans.


The sudden realisation that you have not developed a clear and defined vision for your new or existing business.


You are established and working hard to achieve success. However, you feel that you are fire-fighting day-to-day tasks and not looking ahead to develop a growth plan for the business you have worked hard to set up.

Career Direction

You are thinking about changing your career and you have several options open to you. However, you feel overwhelmed on how best to approach making this decision.

Life-Work Balance

You feel challenged by attempting to achieve a work and life balance. Nevertheless, you feel you are not succeeding in your efforts to get there. Also, you are often giving more of your time to work and neglecting your personal life.

Strategic Thinking

You are planning to start your own business but are feeling totally overwhelmed by all that must be done.


You have a very large project with many significant tasks to be accomplished. You also want a source of external independent advice.

Time Management

You are not feeling positive about the way you are managing your time and feel that you are wasting too much time dong certain tasks.

Business Growth

You are experiencing a stagnation or significant downturn. However, you are unsure how to turn things around.


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