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What will the post-COVID world look like for you and your business? Are you going back to business as usual or is it time for a major rethink about your growth, your markets and, above all, your people? Do any or all of the following questions apply to you:

    • Are you thinking of reorganising your workforce?
    • Do you need to diversify and recruit new skills?
    • What is going to be the future purpose of your business?
    • How are you going to survive?


My coaching expertise combined with multiple-sector strategic and operational HR experience can help you to address the many uncertainties that will be faced by business in the coming months and years. From organisational restructure to redundancy outplacement, from career and interview management to coaching executives, managers and teams; my personal toolkit can help you to re-imagine your business for the new environment.

The HR profession is at the forefront of helping organisations to change and respond to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, it is having to adapt to new circumstances and different ways of working itself.

Utilise my experience so that you can make the critical decisions about your workforce.

It is likely that we are all going to be facing a long period of disruption. This will be a definitive test of your own business’ agility and ability to support its people. Employers need to look at how they can protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, and minimise risks both to people and business continuity.

Nervous about contracting or transmitting the virus. Isolated from others for periods of time. You will need to prove you are on employees’ side. Therefore, strong and consistent communication to staff will be important in this environment. You need managers and systems to support employee’s wellbeing both in the workplace and if working from home.

Flexible working practices may become even more of a norm, and technology being used will need to be fit for purpose. Long-term survival may depend in putting people at the heart of all your decisions. These decisions need to be swift as well as agile to changing circumstances.

I can help you to make the right calls in demanding situations and to positively support you and your people.

You may have individuals who have gone above and beyond during this crisis? Would structured coaching help to identify how you can utilise them in the future for the benefit of your business?

You may have individuals who have not stepped up during the crisis? Would coaching get them back on track or is HR guidance required about how best to address their performance?

Your revenue may have fallen and you need to make some hard decisions about the future of your business. Would an experienced and practical HR voice be vital to help you through these testing times?


If these type of scenarios apply to you, please contact me if you feel that you could benefit from guidance to seize the opportunities and face down the threats that most of business is currently facing.