If you are asking yourself similar questions to the ones below, then Career Coaching is right for you.

  • Which career direction is right for me?
  • Is this job right for me? Should I look for another job?
  • What should I be doing differently in my job search?
  • How can I make a positive impact right from the beginning of my new role?
  • How do I avoid the mistakes that I made in my last role?
  • I am returning to work after maternity, sickness or Career Break. Are there any options for me to work flexibly?
  • I have been made/I am to be made redundant. What now?

With my extensive experience in HR Management, I have a valuable perspective on the workplace. As a result, it positions me to coach issues relating to your career. These issues can arise through your own desire to achieve or they can arise due to factors outside of your control such as redundancy.

Career Coaching – Passion and Motivation

career coaching to follow your dreams - inspirational image
It is now usual for someone to change jobs many times during a working career. In many cases, this stems from a mismatch between your personal passions and your work. You may also not be playing to your strengths and motivations. Where low value is placed on your work, this leads to frustration, bitterness and even anger and depression.

You may have sought careers advice, but the specific focus of career coaching is on analysing your skills and passions. The aim is to create a worthwhile, stimulating working pathway for you. Furthermore, you explore your true values, so that you bring your job or career into line with moving towards a more rewarding life. Indeed, you will become more self-aware, and challenge yourself to create greater harmony between the ‘real you’ and the kind of jobs that will give you ongoing excitement and satisfaction.

Career coaching is helpful at every point of your professional journey, and you can expect to gain confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. We will work on any anxieties and vulnerabilities in order to better understand how these factors keep you stuck in a holding pattern.

…As a result of my coaching sessions, I am now confident in my choice to change careers. I have also significantly increased my employability. Martin fully engages and is supportive, whilst also challenging and moving the sessions forward in a positive and progressive way…

…I was struggling with a move to a new job. I wasn’t sure if this was the right move. After a few sessions…, I felt empowered within myself to seek the goals that best suited my needs. This is a highly recommended coaching service. It will ultimately set you on the right path for success… 

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