Career coaching is helpful at every point of your professional journey, and you can expect to gain confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

It will provide you with the tools to find your first Graduate job, develop a winning CV negotiate with your employer, guide you to the next challenge in your career, take a drastic change in direction or even prepare for retirement.

Career coaching could also be for you if you are looking to:

  • Review and understand your short and long-term career options
  • Prevent yourself from becoming ‘stuck’
  • Build a portfolio that positions you well for the future
  • Manage threats such as redundancy
  • Take stock of your work-life balance and priorities
  • Return to work after maternity, sickness or Career Break, and want to work flexibly
  • Take a different approach to your job search
  • Make a positive impact right from the beginning of a new role

What are the Benefits of Career Coaching?

Career coaching is valuable in a lot of ways. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Personalised guidance tailored to your situation
  2. Time set aside to focus on your career
  3. Identification of your strengths and opportunity to reduce your weaknesses
  4. Identification of potential skills gaps and recommended actions to tackle them.
  5. Solid, realistic goals and a clear action plan
  6. Greater career confidence, insight and inspiration
  7. Be able to pitch yourself/tell your story in a convincing manner
  8. Understanding of how to work towards your next career step
  9. Exploration of feelings of fear and vulnerability in order to better understand how they are holding you back

With my extensive experience in HR Management, I have a valuable perspective on the workplace. As a result, this puts me in a great position to coach the issues relating to your career.

Career Coaching – Passion and Motivation

career coaching to follow your dreams - inspirational image
It is now not unusual for someone to change jobs many times during a career. In many cases, this stems from your personal passions and your work being out of sync. You may also not be playing to your strengths or motivations. When you place low value on your work, this leads to frustration, bitterness and even anger and depression.

You may have sought careers advice in the past, but the specific focus of career coaching is on analysing your skills and passions. Furthermore, you explore your true values, so that your career moves into line with a more rewarding life. You will become more self-aware. Indeed, you will challenge yourself to create more harmony between the ‘real you’ and the kind of jobs that will give you ongoing satisfaction.

Career Coaching – Challenge and Action

You should expect to be challenged.  I will make sure your ambitions are realistic by challenging your preliminary ideas. I will challenge your motivation and your purpose. Your goals will be questioned so that they are reflective with who you are as a person.

As a result, I will unlock the doors so that you can find a way forward and make lasting changes. I will also help you to make the best of your skills and knowledge to meet your goals. I work with you to enhance your mindset so that you can make intelligent decisions about available opportunities, what your strengths are and what is your underlying purpose in life.

We then explore options in order to make a realistic, achievable career plan. We explore how to market skills and find opportunities. Lastly, we also look at how you can improve your marketability and secure the job that you want.

However, you must be accountable for your career choices. You will be the one to attend interviews, re-write your CV or find a job. Career coaching seldom works unless you, as the client, are prepared to take the necessary actions.

…As a result of my coaching sessions, I am now confident in my choice to change careers. I have also significantly increased my employability. Martin fully engages and is supportive, whilst also challenging and moving the sessions forward in a positive and progressive way…

…I was struggling with a move to a new job. I wasn’t sure if this was the right move. After a few sessions…, I felt empowered within myself to seek the goals that best suited my needs. This is a highly recommended coaching service. It will ultimately set you on the right path for success… 

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