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The impending changes to our way of life and working practices due to the Coronavirus Pandemic are a little overwhelming. Do you have plans and support in place to help you through this crisis? If you don’t, a Business Coach can guide you through this period of change. Alternatively, a Life Coach can help you address the challenges in your personal life that may now come your way.

Changes to Management

As the workforce moves to home-based working, your management systems will change. You need to develop plans within days as opposed to months. Therefore, getting some expert help and advice is a sensible idea. These changes may be in place for many months, or even years if we move towards more remote working. So, getting it right now is vital for the future. My own background in HR Management means that I am well-placed to advise you. Making the correct decisions to take from a legal and operational perspective will be vital.


Maintaining morale is imperative if you are hoping to keep business flowing during this enforced break. This will build resilience and hope into your relationship with your colleagues. In turn, this will keep productivity high and reduce procrastination and indifference.

Fears of job security and concerns for loved ones, associated with the virus itself, will affect colleagues. Getting professional help to those feeling stressed will help you to support those colleagues. Bear in mind that you will need them to rebuild the business after we all go back to normal. Online coaching sessions, such as those I carry out, are one useful way to boost morale and maintain co-worker’s mental health, wellbeing and trust.

Working from home

Staying away from the workplace for extended periods will evidently mean some losses, in staff numbers, customers and cash flow. This can have a profound effect on the business overall. The move to working from home will mean changes to communication and workdays. The work day may need to become flexible as many people now have their children at home since the school closures last week.

Relationships and trust

Social distancing will affect the relationships that you had with your clients and customers. Hopefully, the trust you built up previously will pay dividends as they will tend to stay with you during this period of isolation.

On a personal level, your relationships, with the people you isolated with, will develop. Before it gets tense and stressful, it could be worth investing in some one-to-one sessions with a Life Coach. These online sessions can be a lifeline.

External changes

Some changes will be out of your control, such as supplier issues. Prepare for differences in working practices and timescales, when working with complementary businesses.

The Government is adding finance packages for businesses. However, the economy as a whole will undoubtedly change and so will influence your own business. Getting prepared will require determination and grit. Having someone to support you whilst you do this would be a great advantage.

Please contact me if you feel that you could benefit from a review of your current situation.