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It is so important to have a tangible plan for your business but, if this month feels much like the last, you almost certainly do not have a clear vision about how you are going to move it forward.

Many small business owners are like this, concentrating so much on the day-to-day that they are unable to see further than their noses. Being unsure where you are heading can inevitably lead to pain and more expense!

On the other hand, clarity of vision can enable you to deliver to fulfil your own short and long-term aspirations, ambitions and values. It ensures you have the focus to target your time, effort and money towards the right opportunities.

How do you acquire this vision?

1. Set aside time to actually think about what you want your business to do for you

2. Dream big

3. Make your vision as real and concrete as possible

4. Create an environment that helps you succeed

5. Be clear about your values and which of them, if any, you are willing to compromise and to what extent

6. Know what works for you

7. Be clear about the kind of business you want to create

If you would like to explore these themes in greater detail, please contact me for an initial discussion to explore whether we can bring clarity to your business vision.

I will be running a series of positive transformation workshops later in the year with my colleague, Gina Mayolin. If you would like to receive updates, please leave your email address below.
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