cv writingYour CV needs to effectively support your career goals. It should provide you with a powerful sales tool that will highlight and quantify your achievements. It should clearly demonstrate the impact that you have made by evidencing those outcomes that you have delivered.

A well-written CV will position you as a strong contender for your chosen roles. It will also help you to attain your career goals. These might be a desired career change; a return to the workplace; the next step in your career progression; to overcome a change in circumstances beyond your control, such as redundancy; or the option to work more flexibly to achieve improved work-life balance.

If your existing CV is failing to impress, or is at odds with your identified career goals, then it’s time to consign it to the reject pile for good.

CV Support

My associate, Rachel Vincent, has written CVs professionally since 2008. She has worked with individuals from a wide range of sectors and professions at all stages of their career. These include recent graduates to board-level professionals, as well as those returning to the workplace, changing career pathways, facing redundancy, or at other career crossroads.

Sheffield-based, Rachel can work with you face-to-face, by telephone, or via Skype. Her collaborative and consultative style will ensure the preparation of your CV with a specific role type, career path, or sector in mind. Persuasively written, it will help to secure that all-important first interview by enabling potential employers to clearly see the contribution you could make within their own organisations.

Whether you are looking for a full rewrite, or constructive input to help to prepare your own CV, Rachel will be able to help. Her services also include covering letters, LinkedIn profile statements, application forms and similar. With CV prices starting from as little as £90, it really is an affordable investment. Please get in touch to find out more.