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When the first shoots of Spring start to come through, it can trigger a re-evaluation in our lives. Thoughts can turn to new starts, fresh perspectives, coming out of darkness into light, and examining our worth.

But what about this re-evaluation? Doing it for its own sake amounts to a nice spot of navel gazing. It is what we do with all this reflection that matters. Do we continue with our old habits that are causing unhappiness? Or do we finally summon the bravery to follow a new path?

One area of focus for me at the moment is a workshop that I am running in early April around self-confidence for mothers. Becoming a mum is a massive step in any woman’s life. It naturally generates a lot of change both in terms of her outlook and the practicalities of life.

A new mum may become frustrated with herself as she adapts to her new situation. She may become frustrated with others (partner, parents, friends) who don’t seem to understand the challenges that she is facing. Maybe, she feels that she doesn’t recognise herself. Particularly when her old identity evolves into a daily routine of nappy changing and baby groups. She may be struggling with her body image, a sense of isolation or wondering whether she is going to have to shelve her career plans.


The importance of preserving a positive mindset, maintaining confidence levels and feelings of worth and wellbeing cannot be overstated. Also, continuing to nurture both relationships and your own self-worth throughout this transition are very important. If anything is lacking, this can have a detrimental impact on many aspects of a mum’s life including her own mental health. This, in turn, may affect her child, children or wider family.

One method of creating and maintaining positivity would be to write down her strengths and/or her qualities. Try to focus on these aspects rather than any weaknesses. It would be beneficial to accept that we all mistakes. Also, to accept that the consequences of any mistakes made cannot be changed. Reduction in stress levels could also stem from acceptance of compliments, complimenting herself, and trying to stay generally cheerful.

These steps could apply to mums but also potentially to anyone who is at the cusp of making change in their lives, and doubting themselves.

As a coach, I could help you to learn anchoring techniques, to get you out of your comfort zone and set both short and long-term goals. If you need guidance to overcome self-doubt or to boost your confidence, please feel free to contact me.