executive coaching can help give clearer future visionExecutive coaching can benefit you as a leader whether you are a CEO, senior manager, small business owner or between roles.

If you enter the coaching relationship with an open mind and a desire to flourish, you can look forward to the following key benefits:

Greater self-awareness

There is a strong connection between leaders with truthful self-awareness and the effectiveness and profitability of their organisation.

I will help you to view yourself clearly, and to challenge your beliefs about yourself. Additionally, I will focus on where you are strong, where you need to develop and where you need to grow, and to see yourself from others’ perspectives.

Emotional intelligence

Your own self-awareness can assist when seeking to understand others’ emotions; by reacting with empathy to their needs. This type of emotional intelligence can be vital in leadership positions.

As part of my executive coaching service, I can aid you in applying the same skills that you use to see yourself so that you can accurately assess your teams.

Shift in mindset

You will have capabilities and approaches to issues that you have developed in lower-ranking roles. However, these may not serve you well as a more senior leader.

Your success now may depend less on the quality of your output. Or it could rely more on your ability to motivate and inspire those around you. I will work with you to identify and acquire the required skills for your current situation. As part of the executive coaching, I will also help to shift your mindset so that your ‘toolkit’ becomes one that is focussed on leadership.

Utilise current strengths

You may be underestimating existing strengths that you possess. In fact, you may see these assets as par for the course.

I can help you to value your unique selling points. Furthermore, we will aim to utilise them more effectively for the benefit of yourself and your team.

Better leadership capabilities

Only building strong relationships with particular types of people may lead to reduced effectiveness. It could be that you focus on people just like yourself – be it in beliefs, style or background.

I will guide you to recognise this trait within yourself and to work to avoid it. As a result, any limiting assumptions that you make about certain types of people will be questioned, and we will investigate how this may impact your ability to lead.

Achieve your expectations

The bottom line for a coaching relationship is that you gain clarity on your goals, and what you will be required to do to achieve them.

Bias-free Executive Coaching

As your coach, I am not dependent on you for my success. Therefore, I can be honest about your progress, and identify areas that may be holding you back. New perspectives to your thinking enable you to create the future that you want.

If you believe that you are unwilling to open yourself up to the sometimes unnerving and frustrating process of admitting that you need to develop and do what is needed, then a coach may not be for you.

No matter where you are in your career journey, you must be prepared to be a learner in some matters if you want to get the most from a coaching relationship. If you are committed, the relationship can provide the spark for you to become who you most wish to be.

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