Life coaching will help you meet your goals by guiding you in the right direction. It will enable you to start living a more rewarding and productive life. It is about looking forward your future, rather than dwelling on the past. You will also be encouraged to take the positive steps required to create a brighter future for yourself.

You may speak with your friends about your issues but they may not be objective enough to provide appropriate guidance. Life coaching, on the other hand, helps you to see your life differently and gives you confidence to make the right decisions. In a life coaching session, all aspects of your life may be addressed. You will be challenged to create new perspectives or different ways of thinking. Sessions focus on solving your problems and helping you to achieve your ambitions.

Coaches help people to understand the underlying causes of their issues as well as helping to find paths to success. The aim of life coaching is to help you break negative thought patterns, act with decisiveness, and set clear goals focussed on what you want from life. By contacting me as your coach, you have overcome the first hurdle.

Some of the issues explored in life coaching include:

  • Making real personal change (e.g. losing weight, stopping smoking)
  • Balancing work and family
  • Starting a new career or business
  • Accomplishing a dream or something that is important
  • Designing a complete plan including both business and personal goals
  • Discovering passions & values and living them out
  • Possessing a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality
  • Improving relationships
  • Increasing productivity and financial security
  • Having more fun, happiness and passion for life
  • Living in a fulfilled way; leaving a legacy

What is Life Coaching? – Unlock Potential and Achieve Success


Deciding to change is not always easy. Therefore, during the coaching process, we work together to boost your confidence. We do this by using a range of stimulating techniques. We will also set measurable and time driven tasks. This, in the end, will allow you to unlock your potential and achieve success.

We will review your current situation and, as your coach, I will help you to understand what truly motivates you. This clarifies the driver for your goals. We then identify the limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from making change. How have the negative things that you have been previously telling yourself stopped you from making progress?

Once obstacles have been identified and eliminated, we review the options available to yourself. You will decide what specific measures need to be taken. We then set challenging but realistic goals, both for the short and long-term. Ideally, these should align with your values (who you truly are). I will make sure that you focus and work towards your goals, and that you build your confidence in order to create greater personal contentment. If your plans need to change at any point, I will also help you to stay committed. We create a way forward which meets your aims and achieves outstanding results.

Will Life Coaching Benefit Me?

Anyone can benefit from working with a coach. However, if you are not open to closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, then coaching will not cure all ills. You need to be open to new ways of thinking and commit to making change.

Ultimately. you will reach your goals more quickly and achieve more with a life coach than if you pursue them yourself. As long as you commit to the process, and act upon it, then the world is your oyster.

…Thank you so much for the lovely meeting today. You’re really gifted at what you do…

…Martin supported me in exploring different areas of my life in which I felt a bit stuck and, as a result of the work we did, I can gladly say I have moved forward and I am still employing some of the techniques I learnt through my coaching sessions with Martin…

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