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Just when you have reached the pinnacle of your career, be it in business or sports, you may start to think its time to ditch your Executive Coach. After all, they have been pushing you to reach your goals and now you have got there. I am going to demonstrate that this is not the decision you want to make.

I’ve Arrived, Haven’t I?

Arrived at the goal(s) you set for yourself, yes. But why not aim higher, or in a different direction? You may want some time to re-group and to relax a little on the full throttle approach. However, once that short sojourn is over, you may find you are ready to get going again and focus on some new challenges.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

Once you stop coaching sessions, you can be tempted to relax your grip on the day to day running of your career or business. Maintaining ‘match fitness’ will need some attention, even if you have automated much of your processes. Retaining a coach to help you hold onto the smooth running of your business is a good idea.

New Challenges

Within your business, new challenges can come by the way of staff changes, new equipment, or changes in trading regulations, to name just 3 examples. By retaining your coach, you can head off most disasters before they arise. Your executive coach will help you to identify ways to incorporate internal and external changes into the business.


Growth never stops. When building your business, your main goal will be to increase profit, which in turn is determined by wage and product cost increases, which leads to more production etc…

This can mean you are on a hamster wheel of ever-increasing growth. To continue growth, you will need your Executive Coach as the pressures can be a little overwhelming. Until you sell your business, you do not want to slow down the growth. Your potential buyer or investors also need to see the ability for the business to continue its growth.

Support from your Executive Coach

Life can be tough at the top, having a compadre and confidant, who is also independent, will help you to stay there. If you are the CEO and the buck stops with you, having the support of your Executive Coach will help release pressure and let you make better decisions. For your wellbeing, your coach can help you to keep all the confidence and self-esteem you have built up as your business has grown and developed.

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