In the early stages of his business, Martin conducted several media press and radio interviews, which focussed not only on his work but also his own desires and motivations. Read on to find out more about MJB Coaching and what makes Martin tick.

Learn more about his background, the process of setting up his business and what keeps him inspired. Martin also talks a little bit about his interests outside of coaching: find out about his favourite music, his approach to cooking, and his varied travelling experiences – including highlights and some lowlights. He talks about his childhood and some of the difficulties and anxieties he has faced in his life, how he overcame them, and why that puts him in an ideal position to understand other peoples’ dilemmas.

There is a case study of one of Martin’s clients who, through a focus on her strengths, moved from a state of anxiety, lack of confidence and inertia in her office job to setting up her own business through Martin’s guidance and influence. He also speaks on the radio about growing his business, the challenges involved, and sticking to your goals.


Additionally, useful advice on how you can make changes in your life can be found in these media articles. This will be of relevance to anyone who is in the process of taking a new direction in their life. Martin provides handy tips on how you might create the space to focus on your goals and dreams, and then overcome the barriers and limitations that will allow you to lead a more positive and fulfilling existence.

Martin really believes that most people do know what they need to do to create better futures for themselves but are sometimes too afraid to acknowledge it. It is his job to open their eyes to the opportunities. These media pieces give insight into what makes him tick.