school bullying

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From my own difficult experiences at school to the much worse experiences of others that I knew, I can vouch for the fact that bullying affects many children, and the adults that they become.

It is not necessarily a modern phenomenon. However, modern technological advances in social media and the internet have exacerbated the intensity of bullying.

For those of us with worries about how our own small children might cope in this new world, and who may have experience of the chronic unfairness of bullying, our gut instinct can sometimes be to tackle situations on an emotional and not on a clear-headed level.

However, from your child’s point of view, the last thing that they probably need is an angry parent. They don’t need you wading in to their problems and making them worse. So what can you do?

The Good News

Well, the good news is that bullying has never been so much in the news. It is the subject of various national campaigns to limit its effect. However, on a practical, local level, there are things that you can do too. Here are 5 smart tips to keep children from becoming targets, and to stop bullying that has already started:

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