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Knowing that I have contributed worthwhile change to someone’s life provides me with fantastic motivation. I gain great contentment from seeing that my work creates a catalyst for big changes in peoples’ lives.

A real sense of my work being worthwhile arises from seeing a more satisfied and focussed client at the end of the coaching process. I feel my greatest satisfaction when a client makes substantial progress towards their goals. Results usually start to be achieved after around 6 sessions of life coaching. However, for some people, it inevitably takes longer. Nevertheless, in all cases, coaching starts through creating an understanding of your situation. This establishes the foundation for creating positive action to improve your life. From this point, increasing self-esteem and creating greater self-awareness become key to a productive and successful relationship.


Challenging you about your beliefs and the direction of your life takes place in a non-threatening manner. Decisions about goals occur before we establish how you are going to achieve them. Questions about your fundamental values and what is of most importance to you will give you the opportunity to reflect on whether you are indeed taking the right course. You will then start to take responsibility for yourself and your situation which will drive you forward. Finally, for the process to be successful, you will develop a crucial understanding that you control your own destiny.

In some cases, you might not present the real issue that requires examination at our initial meeting. However, through taking an holistic approach, and exploring all aspects of your life, progress will be made to understanding your real underlying issues.

Do you know someone toiling through life? Do you know someone struggling with their confidence and belief? If you feel that they  would benefit from dedicated life coaching, then please contact me.