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Whether you like it or not, being in business, like any other competitive sport, has winners and losers. If you want to make it to the top in your sector, then it is going to take some of the same things required in sports. Determination, skill, endurance, and coaching. A business coach will set you on the right path.  Structured Business Coaching will enable you to envision a clear route to your future success.

So, what does a business coach actually do?

The answer is simple, much the same as a sports coach. They will keep you accountable and on track. You will gain a second sight into your business and a confidante, who will keep your cards close to their chest. Having the benefit of previous experience, your coach will guide you to avoid many of the pitfalls a fledgling business can land itself in.  A business coach works with many businesses and so often sees all the problem areas way before the owner, so listening to them is vital.

Benefits of working with a business coach include:


Working with a coach means you will progress faster. In business, this can translate into growing faster. Building a business on firmer foundations with better systems in place will pay dividends when it comes to expansion, franchising or selling on.


You also benefit from having a working partner, without the frustrations that can come with a business partner. You get to run your ideas past someone who has inside knowledge of your business, and experience of lots of others. A partner is for life, whereas a business coach is more on an ad hoc basis, in which you may need them for a project or two, then you can continue as usual.

Long term

A good business coach will be with you for the long term, assisting you to grow and expand. They gain a deeper understanding of your business and so are able to step in and advise without too much debriefing.

Goal setting

Coaches like to set goals and tasks for you to work with. Practise sessions and tabletop scenarios will let you see how your business decisions could pan out, one way or the other. Once you achieve each goal, your coach will be planning ahead for the next.

Step out of the box

Staying in your own comfort zone is an easy option for lots of business owners. It is the ones who step outside the box and go for the bigger wins that succeed. A good business coach will be looking to stretch your horizons and help you to feel more comfortable with risk.

More Money

As with any competition, winning means prizes and in business, that means more money. Making more money should be the basis of business as, with extra cash flow, you can expand.

Better organisation

Business coaches tend to help you organise your business better. For example, by hiring the right staff or getting outside assistance to keep your business running smoothly. They can also help you decide if some expenses need cutting back on.

There are many more reasons and benefits of working with a business coach. Probably, as many as there are businesses! If you would like to find the reason you need to work with a business coach, why not contact me and see what I can do for you?