education - coaching skills

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Working in an educational setting can mean that you could benefit from all the skills that a coach has to offer. Receiving some business coaching will help you develop your own skills. It will also aid you in developing a better environment for education and learning.

Business coaching for education

School, colleges, and universities are very similar to businesses. They have a hierarchy and sets of rules in safety and conduct. There is also guidance for expectations to follow. Budgeting, management of people and tight deadlines also figure in both environments. So, it makes sense to utilise the skills of a Business Coach. They can assist you with getting a handle on educational administration and any staff issues that may arise.

Coaching to become a better listener

Learning active listening skills will help you to interact better within a school environment. We only hear around 40% of what another person is saying if we do not hone our listening skills. We often do not take in body language which can be very revealing as to the other person’s intentions. This can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. By working with a Business Coach, you will enhance your ability to listen.

Learn to ask the right questions

To elicit more than a yes or no, a good questioner knows how to frame questions. These are usually ‘open’ with a leading Who, What, Where, How, When, or Which. The respondent then is more likely to provide more expansive answers. Getting good business coaching will steer you to ask better questions. It will also enable you to know how to deal with the answers. Being able to dig beneath the surface when questioning means you will gain deeper insight into your staff and pupils.

Coaching in resourcefulness

Being resourceful is useful in all occupations, so having this skill will inevitably help you. Knowing how to deal with uncooperative respondents or difficult pupils by using different tactics is a great skill to develop. Business Coaches can help provide new perspectives for you, as they come from a different starting point.

Empathy within education

It is hard to build trust without empathy. It is also hard to work in an educational setting without trust. If, as an educator, you suffer from a lack of respect, then your learners will not absorb information. Learning true empathetic ability takes time and practice. This is where a Coach can work with you. They will have worked with business owners on projects relying on developing the trust of their staff. They can bring this experience to your situation.


Being able to look at yourself, analyse what areas you need to work on and which skills to hone is a marvellous tool. It will help you to become a better teacher and staff member. Holding sessions with a Coach allows you to look inside yourself. This enables you to be honest about your abilities and true motivations.

Analytical skills

Developing the ability to self-analyse also means you will be able to assess external situations more easily. So, you will start to perform a better analysis in order to make better decisions. Doing this will lead to better working systems. It will also lead to smoother day to day running of  your working life.

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